Improve Service With Weatherproof Airport Digital Signage from Armagard

Armagard weatherproof airport digital signage installed at Schiphol airport

Show timetables and information with weatherproof airport digital signage (Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam)

Safely install screens in outdoor and public environments with weatherproof airport digital signage from Armagard.

With a network of robust displays in your airport, you can improve service and boost revenue with live travel info, self-service ticketing and year-round advertising.

Armagard enclosures protect screens in major transport hubs around the world. You get long warranties, lifetime support and the peace of mind that comes from a proven manufacturer.

Here’s a rundown of the range, to help you choose the right digital signage for your airport.

Weatherproof Airport Digital Signage Totems

Armagard weatherproof airport digital signage totem

Use weatherproof airport digital signage to engage passengers with updates and promotions (Belgium)

Digital signage totems let you position a screen in any freestanding location. You benefit from highly visible displays that reach travellers exactly where you want.

Ideal for:

  • Real-time arrival/departure boards
  • Digital advertising and narrowcasting
  • Live travel updates
  • Digital timetables

The airport digital signage totem protects a VESA-ready, 32” to 75” screen from virtually any manufacturer. Install the screen and media player of your choice, with the exact features and connectivity you want.

You can choose the airport display totem with an IP56 or IP65 rating. This protects the screen from heavy rain, windblown dust and spilt traveller coffees.

Environmental controls manage internal heating and cooling. Run the screen continuously from -30°C to 55°C, depending on model, for year-round advertising and information.

Finally, the lockable, mild-steel body gives you peace of mind about physical damage, vandalism and unauthorised access.

Armagard tests its products to industry standards in purpose-built chambers that simulate heavy rain and extreme temperatures. You get reliable digital signage that you can use to improve customer service and generate revenue in any outdoor location.

Airport Touch Screen Kiosks

Interactive weatherproof airport digital signage at Gatwick Airport

Speed up journeys with touch screen, weatherproof airport digital signage (Gatwick Airport, UK)

Touch screen totems combine the protective features of the standard totem with a user-friendly, interactive screen.

Major airports use them for a range of applications:

  • Self-service ticket machines
  • Touch screen wayfinding
  • Public information kiosks
  • Interactive digital signage

Choose from single and multi-touch options. The robust PCAP touch screen works in wet weather and extreme temperatures — and even when the user is wearing gloves.

You get a touch screen kiosk you can trust. Install the digital outdoor airport display in exposed locations and public environments, with confidence in the reliability and longevity of your investment.

Landscape And Portrait Airport TV Enclosures

Landscape weatherproof airport digital signage installed from a ceiling

Landscape weatherproof airport digital signage is ideal for departure lounges and busy areas (Belgium)

Armagard’s portrait and landscape outdoor LCD passenger information displays are used in transport hubs across Europe and North America.

Flexible mounting options make them ideal for overhead installation. Choose from wall, pole or ceiling mounting to improve communication with passengers in arrivals areas, departure lounges and other busy areas.

These IP54/56/65 enclosures house the screen of your choice in a weatherproof body. Environmental controls allow continuous advertising from -30°C to 55°C — for maximum ROI in all seasons.

An expected 10-year lifespan means you can use the same airport display enclosure to protect successive screens over several years, making it highly cost-effective.

Easy access lets you install, remove and replace the screen yourself. In the event of an issue, or if you want to upgrade the screen, you can simply swap it out at any time.

This reduces the cost of ownership compared to an all-in-one, outdoor display, which would need to be replaced in its entirety if you want to upgrade it.

Why Choose Armagard?

Armagard weatherproof airport digital signage enclosure

Armagard’s weatherproof airport digital signage comes with long warranties and lifetime support

Over 100,000 Armagard enclosures protect screens and IT equipment in 53 countries. You get the reassurances you want when investing in digital signage for your airport:

  • Expert advice on choosing the best airport displays, totems and touch screens for you.
  • A five-year mechanical warranty and up to five-year electrical warranty.
  • Over 30 years of industry experience.
  • Lifetime customer support.

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