5 Reasons To Use Outdoor Bus Stop Digital Signage From Armagard

Landscape outdoor bus stop digital signage at a bus station in Minnesota

Outdoor bus stop digital signage is ideal for public areas (Minnesota Transit Authority, USA)

Discover why Armagard’s outdoor bus stop digital signage is the best choice for your transport hub.

Benefit from robust, weatherproof enclosures that let you safely install screens in harsh environments. Enjoy lifetime support, industry-leading warranties and custom options from a manufacturer with over 30 years’ experience.

Here are five reasons to choose Armagard’s digital bus shelter displays.

1. You Buy With Confidence From A Proven Manufacturer

Armagard outdoor bus stop digital signage enclosures at a station in Sweden

Use pole-mounted outdoor bus stop digital signage for arrival/departure info at each stand (Sweden)

By choosing Armagard, you get the peace of mind that comes with an experienced digital signage manufacturer.

Over 100,000 Armagard enclosures protect screens and IT equipment in 53 countries. This includes city centre bus stations, ski resort bus stops, major train stations, international airports and more.

These transport hubs rely on Armagard enclosures to keep their screens running reliably 24/7 in all conditions.

An Armagard enclosure gives you the confidence to install outdoor bus stop digital signage in any location, with reassurance about the longevity of your investment.

2. You Can Use Your Outdoor Bus Stop Digital Signage In All Seasons

Landscape outdoor bus stop digital signage enclosure

IP54/56/65 ratings let you use outdoor bus stop digital signage continuously in wet weather

Improve service, engage travellers and boost revenue with bus station digital signage that works in all conditions.

Armagard’s bus station displays are industry-rated to IP54/56/65. That means the enclosure can protect the screen from heavy rain and windblown dust.

A controller board manages automatic heating and cooling. This allows the range-topping digital bus shelter display to run from -30°C to 55°C.

You benefit from all-weather screens that let you serve and engage customers with:

  • Live travel updates
  • Real-time arrival and departure boards
  • Bus shelter advertising and narrowcasting
  • Digital timetables
  • And more!

3. You Can Choose From Custom Options

Portrait outdoor bus stop digital signage at a station in the USA

Custom options mean you get the right outdoor bus station digital signage for your transport hub
(Minnesota Transit Authority, USA)

can choose from a wide range of standard options. Plus, you can request a variety of custom choices to get the best outdoor digital totem for public transport for you:

  • Choose from portrait, landscape and freestanding displays.
  • Get the ideal size, with enclosures available for 24” to 75” screens.
  • Choose from a range of IP ratings and environmental controls.
  • Install your display on a wall, pole, stand or from a ceiling.
  • Request custom colours to match your brand.

Contact Armagard to discuss the best outdoor digital bus stop advertising for your transport hub.

4. You Enjoy Long-Term Flexibility And A Low Cost Of Ownership

Armagard portrait outdoor bus stop digital signage enclosure

Use the VESA-ready screen of your choice in your outdoor bus stop digital signage enclosure

An Armagard digital bus stop display enclosure gives you several benefits over a purpose-built outdoor TV:

First, you can use the high-bright, VESA-ready screen of your choice from almost any manufacturer. That means you get to choose a display with the exact brightness rating and features you want.

Second, easy access lets you install, remove and replace the screen by yourself. You can upgrade the display whenever you want, without a specialist engineer.

Third, the enclosure has an expected 10-year lifespan. This means you can use the same one to protect successive screens over several years, making it highly cost-effective.

In the event of an issue, you can simply swap out or repair the screen. This reduces the cost of ownership compared to an all-in-one, outdoor display, which might need to be replaced in its entirety if it breaks.

5. You Get Industry-Leading Warranties And Lifetime Support

You want maximum reliability and longevity from your digital bus shelter advertising. Armagard provides the reassurances you're looking for:

  • Expert sales support from friendly staff.
  • An industry-leading, five-year mechanical warranty and up to five-year electrical warranty.
  • Lifetime customer support.

You can be confident that your bus shelter digital advertising will work reliably for years to come, making it a great long-term investment.

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