Samsung Outdoor Display

Totem to Mount Samsung Outdoor Screens

Mount your Samsung outdoor display on a dedicated totem to maximise your advertising while protecting media electronics.

The IP56- and NEMA4-rated totem protects media players from liquid ingress and air particulate damage, ensuring all electronics are kept safe in harsh environments. Managed air circulation and a control panel in the base prevents media equipment from overheating, meaning it can operate fully in temperatures ranging from -30°C to 50°C, subject to operating temperature range. Lasting up to 10 years, the totem represents an excellent return on investment compared with unprotected media players.

With a design officially approved by Samsung Korea, the totem can house up to three Samsung outdoor displays. The temperature surrounding your Samsung outdoor digital signage is kept cool and consistent through airflow management. Easy access enables you to upgrade your displays and media players with minimal effort, and an eye bolt positioned on the top of the totem allows for simple installation via crane.

Samsung Outdoor Display

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  • Samsung Outdoor Display view from the right
  • Samsung Outdoor Display view from the left
  • Samsung Outdoor Display View of the front
  • Samsung Outdoor Display view of the side
  • Samsung Outdoor Display schematic view of unit with screens in
  • Samsung Outdoor Display, schematic view of dual unit from the front
  • Samsung Outdoor Display schematic view of unit with screens in
  • Samsung Outdoor Display schematic view of unit


    Samsung Outdoor Display is Ideal for:

  • Drive thru restaurants
  • Retail shopping centres
  • Public areas
  • Outdoor locations
  • Outdoor digital signage

At a glance:

Suitable for:
Samsung OH46F and OH55F outdoor displays
Floor Standing
Powder Coated Mild Steel
Dependent on model
Temperature range:
-30°C to 50°C
IP rating of totem:
NEMA rating of totem:

Each Samsung outdoor display totem is customisable. Single, dual, and triple totems can be designed in a wide range of colours. Contact us now to find the right totem for you.

Features & Benefits:

Feature Benefit
Specifically designed for Samsung OH series A dedicated totem for mounting your Samsung outdoor displays.
Environmental control for media players Increased airflow to the base prevents media players from overheating, ensuring they operate in temperatures ranging from -30°C to 50°C.
Customisable Single dual or triple totems can be designed. Triple totems can mount one, two, or three Samsung outdoor displays.
Easy access Upgrade your screens and media players with minimal effort.
Eye bolt Easily install your totem anywhere via crane.
Rated to IP56/NEMA4 Your media players and displays are protected from harsh weather conditions and airborne particulates, reducing breakdowns, repair costs, and advertising downtime.
Lasts up to 10 years Your totem represents an excellent return on investment.

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    5 year warranty, TNT delivery, DSV delivery, CE, and RoHS logos

    Armagard guarantee:

  • A five-year warranty on all mechanical parts
  • A one to five-year warranty on all electrical parts (Samsung display warranty remains separate)
  • Over 20 years of industry experience
  • Informed and helpful staff
  • Quick delivery
  • Lifetime customer service

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