Mounting Options

Pedestal Stands

APED for use with PENC -700, -800 & -900 series

The perfect accompaniment for use alongside our range of compact all-in-one computer and touch screen enclosures, this 1000mm rugged mild steel pedestal stand is ideal for space saving requirements and can be bolted to the floor for stability and security.

These stands can also be manufactured from food-grade stainless steel for installation in wet or washdown environments, please contact us for details.

4 Legged Stands

ASUP for use with PENC -700, 800 & -900 series

This four-legged stand with additional shelf is ideal for supporting our computer and printer enclosures. Supplied with adjustable feet or with optional bolt-down legs, this mild steel stand is 1000mm high and is a practical solution for using our enclosures in dusty or factory conditions.

Slimline Stand

PSTAND-SLIM for use with PENC - 300, -700 series & PPRI
SSTAND-SLIM for use with SENC - 300, -700 series & SPRI

This versatile slim line stand can be used with a large variety of our computer and touch screen enclosures. Enclosures can be mounted on the back rest providing the perfect ergonomic working condition.

Fitted with additional shelf and supplied with adjustable feet this versatile computer and touch screen enclosure stand can also be bolted to the ground. Manufactured from either mild steel, for factory and shop floor conditions, or food grade stainless steel, for wash down environments, this is our most versatile and flexible mounting option.

4 Legged Stainless Steel Stand

ASSSUP for use with SENC 900

This narrower 4-legged stand is designed to seat our all-in-one waterproof PC enclosure. Manufactured from food-grade stainless steel this corrosive resistant stand is 1000mm high and is ideal for using our computer enclosures in wash down environments. Supplied with adjustable feet, this 4 legged stand can also be bolted to the floor for added stability.

4 Legged Stand with Optional Printer Shelf


This versatile 4-legged stand is ideal for using our stainless steel PC enclosures. This stand can be used with a large variety of our computer and touch screen enclosures, which can be mounted on the back rest and sit between 850mm and 1730mm providing the perfect working height.

This food-grade stainless steel stand can also be fitted with additional shelf to seat our compact printer enclosure (PRI/SPRI 100) and comes supplied with adjustable feet or can be bolted to the ground.

Compact Wall Bracket

ACC-Wallbracket for 300 series touchscreens

These handy wall mounted brackets are a handy solution for installing our compact waterproof enclosure without using floor space. Designed specifically for our touch screen and compact monitor enclosure, this wall mounted bracket has an adjustable viewing angle ensuring your touchscreen or monitor enclosure is in the correct working position.

Other Mounting Options



Nearly all our stands can be fitted with optional castors for easy locomotion and relocation. Either nylon or rubber wheels from 80mm-100mm can be fitted to suit any type of surface floor.



Adjustable feet are supplied with all our mounts and stands (excluding pedestals) but bolt down feet can be supplied for permanent fastening of stands to floors; whilst for ease of cleaning we can supply 100mm legs that can also bolt down but provide clearance space.