Additional Options and Modifications

Our aim is to ensure we have the correct product for the right environment but we understand that we cannot foresee every eventuality. However, all our products can be modified to ensure our enclosures match the requirements of your working environment. We have a host of additional and optional items that can be installed to our enclosures ensuring they match the demands of your industry perfectly.

Heater Modules

A-HEAT / A-HEAT-slim / A-HEAT-pds

We design our enclosure products to maintain the optimal operating temperature for computers, printers and monitors. However, in some circumstance additional heating modules are often required for chilled and sub zero external temperatures.

All Armagard's heater modules are supplied complete with thermostat giving you full control to maintain the exact temperature requirements for the environment.

Circulation fans


Most of our enclosure products come with circulation fans but additional fan kits are available to ensure adequate airflow around your device.

Air conditioners


Complete air conditioning units can be fitted to our enclosures if they need to be used in excessively hot environments (such as near furnaces). These are complete air conditioning systems that ensure air around inside the enclosure is cooled to prevent any overheating in extremely hot conditions.

Additional mains blocks


Most of our enclosures contain adequate mains supply but additional mains blocks are available. Suitable for all country's electrical supplies and plug terminals. Our mains blocks come complete with surge protectors/suppressors to prevent damage from spikes or electrical input irregularities.


Additional shelving can be installed in our enclosures and stands. Whether a sliding shelf for a keyboard or static shelf for a printer we can install a wide range of additional shelving to many of our enclosures and mounts, please contact one of our advisors to discuss your needs.

Vibration mounts

For computers needing to work in areas of excessive vibration we can install vibration mounts to absorb shock and tremors to prevent equipment damage.

Windows, doors and access covers

We can modify the doors on many of our computer and printer enclosures. Whether it's a glazed door or access cover for a printer enclosure or a top cover to allow another enclosure to be attached on top, please call us to discuss your requirements.


We have a host of additional ancillaries such as gland plates, brush strips, additional locks and replacements keys. Please call one of our friendly advisors to discuss your requirements.