Outdoor Digital Signage… The Winter Survival Guide

Outdoor Digital Signage Winter Survival Guide

Winter is coming… bringing with it, freezing temperatures, ice, snow and heavy rainfall. Is your outdoor digital signage equipped for the cold, dark days and nights? Let's find out… It's time to turn up the thermostat and fire up the heating units as outdoor digital signage systems gear up for the unforgiving wrath of winter…

Freezing temperatures can affect the functionality of outdoor digital signage directly and indirectly.

Examples of problems caused directly:

  • Vital components freezing
  • Water penetration from the forming and melting of ice and snow - water can seep into hardware, and in sub-zero temperatures ice will form causing components to crack
  • Equally, ice that has formed will subsequently thaw and electrical damage can occur, while condensation can become an issue
  • Screen damage caused by ice/hail storms/snow drifts

An example of a problem caused indirectly:

  • Freezing temperatures make for hazardous road conditions and it has been known for outdoor signage displays, positioned close to roads, to have suffered heavy impact from vehicles leaving the carriageway due to ice or snow on the road

A combination of winter conditions getting worse every year, plus the emergence of more outdoor digital displays, means that maintenance knowledge for outdoor digital signage in freezing conditions has become even more of a necessity.

The ramifications of leaving outdoor digital signage displays exposed can be costly. After all, displays left to endure the elements of freezing weather, unprotected, will undoubtedly end up damaged.

What happens next? Businesses often choose to repair or replace displays damaged by freezing temperatures, the downside to which is the cost. The cost of repairing or replacing AV equipment is staggering and suddenly, investment in an outdoor digital display seems like a less than worthwhile expense.

Additionally, all the time a display is out-of-action, you're losing money. Sales leads generated from the 'influence' of the display are lost and loss of revenue from potential sales becomes a real concern.

Furthermore, out-of-action signage also damages company brands as recognition of the company is lost over the duration that outdoor advertising displays are out-of-action.

How to Protect Outdoor Digital Signage from the Effects of Freezing

outdoor digital signage freezing
'Freezing temperatures are a real threat to outdoor digital signage.'

The need to protect outdoor digital signage assets, particularly against freezing temperatures, has become vital as they represent a massive return on investment for businesses.

The most effective solution for protecting outdoor digital signage in freezing conditions is to encase display screens and accompanying hardware in an enclosure specifically designed to endure freezing temperatures.

Having invested in an outdoor digital signage display, the chances are you want to protect that investment and see a return. The absence of a protective enclosure for your outdoor digital display will result in a continuous loop of incurring costs to repair or replace damaged equipment.

But a protective enclosure is just another expense, isn't it?

Yes, it costs to encase your outdoor equipment! However, compare that with the cost of constantly repairing or replacing damaged AV hardware and the benefit of having an enclosure soon becomes apparent.

The purchase of a protective outdoor digital signage enclosure represents a 'one-time' investment. Let the enclosure do the job it's designed to do… protect.

The 'Case' for Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosures

With an enclosure in place, minimum expenditure is required to keep the encased screen up-to-date and upgrade to the latest technology as and when needed.

3 big benefits of enclosure protection include:

  • Benefit #1 - Encasing your AV equipment eliminates the need for constant repair or replacement of hardware damaged by freezing temperatures.
  • Benefit #2 - Designed to endure adverse weather conditions, outdoor enclosures keep your display functioning all-year-round. There is no loss of revenue due to 'out-of-action' displays and brand image is maintained. Maximum advertising potential is sustained and your investment will work for you, not against you.
  • Benefit #3 - Enclosures can be customised to suit the environment in which your display is installed. You have the option to include heating units, to combat freezing temperatures, and air conditioning units during seasons of increased heat.
outdoor digital signage Storm
With increased rainfall in winter, can your outdoor digtial signage weather the storm?

Either way, an enclosure can regulate the temperature to ensure that the internal environment is sustained at a level that enables hardware to function at optimum levels all-year-round. The benefit of this is minimal maintenance!

Overall, the benefit of enclosure protection is that it keeps costs down in the long-term and saves time on maintenance. You will soon see a return on your investment as the cost outlay of constantly repairing or replacing displays will be eradicated.

Signage will be functioning all-year-round, influencing consumers and resulting in a constant stream of sales leads, which will ultimately lead to the desired end goal of maximising revenue potential.

An additional cost saving is also achieved as the presence of an enclosure will lower the total-cost-of-ownership. Operating an outdoor digital display without an enclosure means you pay for your initial investment and all the costs associated with repair or replacement.

With an enclosure in place, there are no further cost implications as repair or replacement is eradicated. Equally, you enhance the chances of your display making you money rather than costing you money!

The Science of Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosures

External protection - Depending on the IP* or NEMA** rating, the majority of outdoor digital signage enclosures are designed to cope with the formation of ice on the enclosure itself. Special sealants are usually applied to prevent water penetration and as such, this external protection prevents ice from forming within the enclosure.

Outdoor digital Signage heaters
'Internal heating components are crucial to outdoor digital signage survival in winter.'

Internal protection - Outdoor digital signage enclosures can be equipped to feature heating systems and insulation, creating the perfect environment to accommodate digital advertising display screens and other hardware used outdoors.

Having a heating system and insulation fitted inside an enclosure protects against the effects of freezing, maintaining the functionality of the equipment inside. Heating and insulation systems help to sustain a minimum internal temperature at which the enclosed equipment can operate.

IP Ratings Explained*

IP Ratings Explained

What do the NEMA Ratings Mean?**

NEMA Ratings Mean

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