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Lde Invest in 5 LCD Monitor Enclosures for use by Client

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About Lde

Founded in 1988, Lde specialise in providing managed digital services with core customers across the cement and oil industry.

The company is also experienced in managing networks featuring 1000+ devices for a prestigious clientele including major international airports and a host of Formula One racing teams.

The Challenge

An Lde customer had an issue with screen glare, affecting five screens, caused by exposure to sunlight. Lde’s customer had sought a solution independently, but could not find a product suitable enough to resolve the issue.

The customer required a unit that was fully outdoor ready, able to withstand the effects of the weather. In particular, they required a solution that maintained screen visibility in a high-brightness location.

Aside from protection against the elements, Lde wanted a solution that was sustainable in a hostile environment where dust and debris posed a threat to any screen used.

Lde Digital Services

The Solution

Lde knew exactly where to come, considering no other supplier, Armagard was their only choice. Opting for five Armagard PDS-24 LCD enclosures, the powder coated mild steel chassis met the criteria for protection in a hostile, outdoor environment.

Sealed to IP54 industry standard using optical bonding methods and silicone, the PDS-24 unit is completely watertight and defends against dust, debris and adverse weather conditions. It’s a fully outdoor ready solution!

To combat the primary problem of screen glare, each unit was fitted with toughened glass featuring anti-reflective technology, which improves screen visibility in high-brightness locations.

Each unit is equipped with various security features, acting as a deterrent to prevent tampering, vandalism and theft.

The PDS LCD Enclosure

The powder coated mild steel chassis is rust resistant and offers rugged, robust protection in outdoor environments, which was of particular importance for Lde’s project. The unit is particularly effective for protecting screens against physical impact.

It can be used for industrial and commercial purposes and is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 24” up to 72”, keeping screens functioning in temperatures as low as 0°C and up to +50°C.

The PDS LCD enclosure can be wall or stand mounted, while screens are mounted using a universal VESA mounting bracket. Lde’s project used a combination of flat and tilt mounts to achieve optimum viewing angles.

One of the unique benefits of this unit is that it’s completely customisable. Choose from a toughened glass or polycarbonate viewing window, add anti-glare or anti-reflective technology to maintain screen visibility in bright locations or add a touch screen feature for increased user interactivity.

Air conditioning and heating modules can also be added to regulate internal temperatures, preventing overheating and freezing.

Benefits for Lde

The Armagard PDS-24 enclosure solves the primary problem by reducing the glare affecting the visibility of the screens.

In their own words, Lde said the biggest benefits of the units are that they’re easy to clean, they fit in a rugged environment and they’re hardy and tough.

Designed to last for up to 10 years or more, screens will be protected from a number of damage threats, preventing the need for screen repair/replacement and reducing costs.

Enclosure versus Dedicated Outdoor Screen

Compared to a dedicated outdoor screen, the PDS-24 LCD enclosure can cost up to 50% less. It can also protect your current screen(s), removing the upheaval of having to install an entirely new screen network and saving you money on having to buy those new screens. You can make use of what you have, adding protection at an affordable price.

The Results

Since installing the units, Lde have reported that their customer has opened up a whole new revenue stream and are able to explore new ventures. As one of Lde’s biggest customers they were thrilled that their customer was happy with the solution.

Sian Wildeboer of Lde had this to say: “The results were fantastic, our customer was extremely grateful for the solution. We’ve provided a product suitable for their industry environment, all thanks to Armagard.

Thanks to the Armagard PDS enclosure, La Providence, now has a sustainable, paperless, communication solution that will last for years.

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