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Outdoor Digital Signage for La Providence Thanks to Armagard Enclosure

La providence Outdoor digital signage

French school, La Providence, is a facility with over 2000 students, teaching children and young people between kindergarten and ‘A’ level age.

In 2014 the school received 429 students during their intake and provides a thriving environment for children during their early years and young people preparing for life after school.

In need of a solution to better broadcast practical information to parents and students, La Providence opted for Outdoor digital signage, choosing to install a 55” screen outdoors.

Prior to installing digital signage, broadcasting essential school information was done via a support paper distributed to all the children that attended the school. This proved problematic as the information would not often reach the parents.

La providence Outdoor digital signage

La Providence wanted to simplify the process of distributing information and eliminate the need to produce printed material, reducing their environmental impact by dramatically decreasing paper usage. They also wanted a solution that engaged much more with parents and children alike.

They quickly identified digital signage as the solution for them, purchasing an Armagard enclosure in order to provide the protection needed for their 55” outdoor digital screen.

As the screen was being installed outside, protection was required to safeguard against all weather conditions, vandals and thieves.

Choosing a 55” enclosure from Armagard’s PDS range, a weatherproof, solid, secure product, the unit was manually installed by La Providence staff on a wall close to the school’s entrance.

La providence Outdoor digital signage

Mark Pohlmann, a representative of La Providence, said: “This solution has been financed without using the budget for the school and the decision to go completely digital has meant paper communication has been eliminated and all communication has been replaced by email.”

Since installing digital signage the school has completely eliminated the use of paper. In 2014 alone the school has saved €4305, money which they will continue to save year-after-year.

Thanks to the Armagard PDS enclosure, La Providence, now has a sustainable, paperless, communication solution that will last for years.

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