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Robust, 55" Outdoor TV Enclosures for Fior Di Mocca

Live, 2018 World Cup Viewing in the Heart of Berlin Thanks to Armagard

Fior Di Mocca Outdoor TV enclosures

Armagard, 55" outdoor TV enclosures installed by Fior di Mocca in Germany.

Originally installed to protect TVs showing all the action from the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Armagard’s 55”, outdoor TV enclosure enabled café and restaurant, Fior Di Mocca, to install two TVs in its outdoor canopy.

Suspended from the cross beam in the centre of the canopy, customers enjoyed breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks while watching all the drama of the World Cup.

Installed back to back, Fior di Mocca’s customers could tune into every tournament game from either end of the outdoor space.

About Fior di Mocca

Opened in 2008, Fior di Mocca is an ice cream shop, coffee house and restaurant located in the heart of Berlin, Germany. The venue is renowned for more than 20 different ice cream flavours, speciality coffees, stone oven pizzas and its relaxing atmosphere.

The Challenge

Fior di Mocca wanted to install two TVs in its outdoor canopy in time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The addition of the TVs to its outside space would enable Fior di Mocca to show every tournament game live, attracting more customers, which would result in an increase in revenue.

With limited space to work with, Fior di Mocca wanted a solution that they could suspend centrally above the customer seating area for maximum visibility at each end of its outdoor canopy.

Fior di Mocca wanted to hang the solution from a support beam running across the canopy that holds up the structure, so it needed to be safe, secure and not exceed the beam’s maximum load bearing weight.

Additionally, Fior di Mocca needed a solution that looked professional, but was robust enough to protect its TVs against semi-outdoor conditions and vandalism.

Fior di Mocca Favours Armagard Enclosures

Having consulted with several suppliers, Fior di Mocca selected Armagard based on price and quality.

outdoor tv enclosure Armagard

Fior di Mocca chose Armagard enclosures based on price and quality.

The owner of Fior di Mocca, Ufuk Bayram Deniz, explains why he chose Armagard enclosures for his business:

“The Armagard enclosures had the best price-quality ratio. Plus, the support from the account manager made it easy and uncomplicated for me to buy them.”

The Result

Fior di Mocca installed their outdoor TVs, protected by Armagard LCD enclosures, well ahead of the 2018 World Cup opening ceremony in June.

Safely and securely suspended from the central support beam using 15° mounts, the IP56-rated enclosures ensure that the TVs are protected from semi-outdoor conditions and overheating when in constant, daily use.

The enclosures enabled Fior di Mocca to position their TVs centrally, giving customers the best possible viewing experience from either end of the outdoor space. The professional, yet robust enclosures complement the canopy space and add value by protecting TVs that attract more customers to the venue.

Mr Deniz said: “The purchase of the outdoor enclosures allowed me to show the football games of the 2018 World Cup, which attracted a lot of customers and increased my revenue.”

outdoor TVs installed

The outdoor TVs at Fior di Mocca have increased customer numbers and boosted revenues since installation.

Fior di Mocca is very happy with the outdoor enclosures and the overall service experience from Armagard.

Mr Deniz said: “The customer service was faultless, I’ve had quick and excellent support from my account manager, and the enclosures were exactly what we were hoping for. The delivery arrived ahead of schedule and the installation was very straight forward, too. We are all-round satisfied and will definitely buy from Armagard again.”

“In fact, I’m planning to open another café in 2019 and I will purchase Armagard enclosures for that one too,” Mr Deniz added.

After the World Cup

Since the 2018 World Cup, Fior di Mocca has used its outdoor TVs for a mix of entertainment and advertising, often showing live football from the German Bundesliga and other leagues around the world.

Additionally, Fior di Mocca is using the screens to display its menu, giving the restaurant the option to show special deals, new menu items and promote loyalty schemes. This allows the venue to attract more regular customers, boost brand awareness, upsell, increase sales and improve profit margins.

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