Temperature-Controlled TV Screen Protection for Industrial Environments

TV screen protection allows an industrial operator to work uninterrupted
PC and TV screen protection lets factories use shop-floor displays to improve workflow and output.

Save time and boost productivity with temperature-controlled TV screen protection on your manufacturing floor.

Shop-floor TVs improve communication by displaying real-time data on your production line. Your workers get a more efficient workflow, as they don't need to walk to an office to check KPIs.

However, extreme temperatures and other hazards can damage unprotected displays. This causes inconvenience and downtime.

Temperature-controlled TV screen protection is the answer. Read on to discover the importance of protecting your shop-floor screens and how to get started with the right enclosure for your business.

Why Is Temperature-Controlled TV Screen Protection Important?

Open portrait LCD enclosure for TV screen protection in industrial locations
LCD enclosures provide reliable TV screen protection in any industrial location.

Unprotected screens can fail quickly in industrial environments. Hazards like dust, physical impact, splashing liquid and grease can damage the display and key components.

Changeable temperatures are also a risk. Hot and cold temperatures can slow down hard drives and media players, potentially causing data loss. LCD and OLED displays can also become sluggish, with ghosting or freezing being likely.

You end up spending time and money fixing or replacing expensive displays. This causes downtime, which hinders shop-floor communication and hurts productivity and output.

Industrial LCD enclosures are an easy solution. These protective enclosures house the screen of your choice in a temperature-controlled environment. They're available for TVs from 32" to 86", and they let you use a VESA-ready display from virtually any manufacturer.

LCD enclosures maximise screen lifespan, which means better reliability, improved uptime and greater shop-floor output. This makes industrial TV screen protection an excellent long-term investment for your factory, depot or production line.

Choosing The Right Industrial TV Screen Protection For Your Plant

Waterproof LCD enclosure for TV screen protection in hygienic industries
Washdown enclosures are ideal for TV screen protection in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Industrial TV enclosures come in a range of configurations for different environments. You can choose between various levels of ingress protection, temperature control and more:

Ingress Protection

Armagard landscape and portrait flat panel enclosures come in three main IP ratings:

  • IP54: These enclosures are ideal for dusty locations, like warehouses, depots and workshops. They can withstand splashing liquid, but they're not suited to high-pressure washdown.
  • IP56: These enclosures can be cleaned safely with high-pressure jets. This level of protection is often found on waterproof LCD enclosures used in clean industries, like food and pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • IP65: These dust-tight enclosures are ideal for plants dealing with fine, airborne particulates. They can be jet washed daily, and the 316 stainless-steel range is corrosion resistant and antibacterial, for maximum plant hygiene.

Temperature Control

All Armagard TV enclosures have an environmental controller board that maintains a temperature-controlled environment for your display. Depending on the model you choose, your enclosure can protect a display when the ambient temperature ranges from -30°C to +55°C.

A microprocessor thermostatically controls internal heating and cooling functions, including:

  • Internal filter fans: These maintain a safe working temperature for the screen. They also create positive pressure, which stops dust getting in the enclosure.
  • Cross-flow fans: These move cool air over the display, preventing black spots due to heat.
  • Optional heating: This stops ice formation and condensation in low temperatures — ideal for refrigerated food environments.

Physical Protection

Open portrait LCD enclosure providing temperature-controlled TV screen protection
Choose from a range of portrait and landscape enclosures to get the best TV screen protection for you.

Temperature-controlled TV enclosures provide a high degree of physical protection. Dust-proof LCD enclosures are made from powder-coated mild steel, while waterproof LCD enclosures are made from food-grade (316) stainless steel. Both types protect the enclosed TV from physical impact and vandalism, and locks prevent unauthorised access.

Both types are available with a shatterproof polycarbonate window, which is 20x stronger than glass. In the unlikely event of a breakage, the polycarbonate won't shard into tiny pieces, which protects your production line from contamination and shut down.

Versatile Mounting And Optional Touch Screens

Versatile mounting lets you install TVs in the ideal position. Choose from wall, stand or ceiling installation to improve shop-floor communication in any location.

Landscape and portrait flat panel enclosures are also available with touch screen functionality. Request a single or dual touch foil applied to the enclosure window to turn an ordinary TV into an interactive display.

Workers can use the touch screen in extreme temperatures and through gloves, for a fast workflow in any harsh environment.

A Low Total Cost of Ownership

Dust-proof and waterproof LCD enclosures deliver a low total cost of ownership and greater flexibility than all-in-one, sealed TVs. Use the VESA-ready screen of your choice from 32" to 86". Easy access lets you install, remove and upgrade the TV at any time. You can do this yourself, without the time and cost of a specialist engineer.

Each enclosure has an expected 10-year lifespan. This makes it highly cost-effective, as you can use a single enclosure to protect successive KPI displays over several years.

Why Choose Armagard?

Over 100,000 Armagard enclosures protect screens and IT equipment in 53 countries. Big name food, pharmaceutical and manufacturing brands trust Armagard to protect their critical systems, including Nestlé, ASDA and Florette.

You benefit from:

  • Over 30 years of industry experience
  • In-house design, manufacturing and testing
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Five-year warranties

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