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Armagard Enclosures Centrepiece of New, State-of-the-Art Stonehenge Visitor Centre

Stonehenge Benefits from Armagard LCD Enclosure

Opening its doors to the public in December 2013, and costing £27 million to build, the new Stonehenge Visitor Centre was in need of digital signage protection for three digital information screens, which provide the focal point for the facility.

Armagard had the privilege of providing custom-built, 60” PDS units finished in a ‘dusty grey’ colour to reflect the look and feel of the iconic venue. The bespoke units were designed & built to the exact specifications of the customer and now accommodate 60” screens, used to display tourist info, promote events and showcase the county of Wiltshire.

The sleek, aesthetically designed units provide an attractive, audience engaging centrepiece that will serve the huge volume of tourists who visit the facility year-after-year, without the risk of screen damage, vandalism or theft.

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