intrinsically safe computers

Intrinsically safe enclosure protecting computers in explosive, harsh environments

Intrinsically safe computers for industrial use supplied by

A Intrinsically safe computer ideal for use in hostile environments

Intrinsically safe computer, used to help ease production and protect computers in hostile environments.

Intrinsically safe computers designed specifically for use in hostile and extreme conditions. The Zone 2 computers are made of thick stainless steel and can withstand all kinds of hostile environments including explosions. The computers come with a lockable front door providing added security and protection.

Why use a Intrinsically safe computer?
The Intrinsically safe computer provides complete computer equipment safety in very hostile environments, the cabinets are Zone 2 standard thus withstanding all kindso fconditions even explosions, they can be placed either on a worktop or on a stand thus providing security and continued product production without having to change computer systems.

Is there any setup or installation required?
Very little as we at Armagard implement all the options that you have asked for so the fans, fan filters, wires, plugs etc. are assembled when the unit arrives at your door. All that is required by you is to put the unit where you want it to stand, then plug in your computer equipment and let it load up and your unit is then fully functional after only a few minutes

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