What is a Presell Digital Drive Thru Menu Board?

Presell Digital Drive Thru Menu Board

Presell digital drive thru menu boards give quick service restaurants a way to promote specials, limited time offers, new menu items or entertain customers. Presell menu boards reduce perceived waiting times and help to influence customer buying decisions very early on. Here's how to make the most of them...

Drive thru digital menu boards are highly versatile. Compared to static drive thru menu boards, digital displays can promote menu items in a variety of different ways. You can choose to promote your entire menu, display menu items to suit the time of day or push special offers and brand new menu items.

Presell digital drive thru menu boards do the latter, giving you the option to display standalone promotions, without your entire menu becoming a distraction. Presell menu boards give you a way to influence customer buying decisions very early on.

Presenting your entire menu immediately as the customer enters the drive thru can lead to an increase in drive thru waiting times. There is such a thing as giving a person 'too much choice, too soon.' Presell digital drive thru menu boards make your menu more digestible, while having a subliminal influence...

...For example, let's say you're advertising a brand new dessert on your presell drive thru digital menu. The image on screen looks amazing and makes your new dessert look incredibly appetizing. Upon entering the drive thru, the customer knew exactly what they wanted, until they came across your new, tasty looking dessert.

When advancing to the next digital drive thru display, featuring your entire menu, they order their meal, but order your new dessert to go with it. If that dessert featured on your entire menu only, what are the chances they'd have come across it and added it to their order? Very slim.

The Presell Has Power

Presell digital drive thru menu boards
Presell digital drive thru menu boards are persuasive.

Presell digital menu boards have the power to persuade and enhance the customer experience, while boosting your brand and making your QSR memorable. Equally, they help to increase sales, by encouraging customers to order additional menu items or purchase high ticket items.

How To Get The Best Out Of a Presell Digital Drive Thru Menu Board

1. Do More Than Display Menu Items

Customers can engage with brands that connect with them emotionally in a positive or uplifting way. With that in mind, use presell digital drive thru menu boards to entertain. Tell a powerful story that stirs emotions.

If you're involved in charitable campaigns, presell menu boards are a great way to tell customers about your charitable causes. You need to connect with patrons on an emotional level and show that you're interested in more than just boosting your bottom line.

2. Tickle the Taste Buds

Eye-catching images of menu items are great. However, nothing tickles the taste buds more than tantalising video content featuring delicious desserts being drizzled with chocolate sauce or ice cold soft drinks being poured at the height of summer.

Such content is incredibly powerful and persuasive. It can encourage impulse purchases, boosting your sales.

3. Deliver Your Message

Present your menu promotions consistently
Present your menu promotions consistently on your presell signage.

Consistency is key… make sure the promotion featured on your presell digital drive thru menu board ties in with the entry point of your main menu board. It's recommended that your presell signage should be visible from approximately three car lengths from the ordering screen.

Positioning signage at this distance gives patrons plenty of time to view your promotions prior to ordering. This viewing time is the critical point of persuasion. However, don't be tempted to use the same content on your main digital menu board that you're using on the presell display.

Important menu information should be positioned in the centre of the screen, making it highly visible to the customer. Once a customer pulls up to the order point, reinforce the presell menu promotion by asking the customer if they want to try your tasty new dessert or burger.

Presell drive thru digital menu boards give your QSR the opportunity to direct customers toward meal deals, special offers, limited time offers and new menu items. They serve as a silent member of staff, quietly and effectively persuading people to order more items. Ultimately this boosts your bottom line.

Equally, presell menu boards are a great way to connect with customers on personal level, reducing perceived waiting times while enhancing the customer experience. Creating a memorable drive thru experience is likely to boost loyalty to your brand.

To set up digital drive thru menu boards at your QSR joint, make use of this 'everything you need to know' guide...

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