UK Digital Signage Manufacturer Launches New Drive Thru Range for QSR Scene

UK Digital Signage Manufacturer Launches New Drive Thru Range for QSR

UK digital signage manufacturer, Armagard has launched its new look digital drive thru menu board range for the UK, Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) scene. Designed to help fast food joints boost sales by as much as 8 percent, the stylish systems give QSR operators a complete digital signage solution for the drive thru lane - including screens, media players and secure outdoor protection.

Ideal for drive thru facilities, protective enclosures have several new design features – including the addition of ‘edge to edge’ glass. The glass is a design modification that improves the overall aesthetics of the units.

fast food sales increase with digital outdoor menu boards

High-Grade Systems from a Respected UK Digital Signage Manufacturer

Fully weatherproof, the Quick Service Restaurant digital signage range is outdoor ready. Enclosures are designed to accommodate any 42” high-bright screen, and provide additional protection against dust, insects and vandalism. Equally, units improve the customer experience and increase revenues.

As all-inclusive units, systems save buyers money and time by eliminating the need to source AV hardware separately. Practically, solutions are much more flexible than other alternatives on the market, improving day parting and enabling screen technologies to be upgraded ad hoc.

QSRs looking to provide a digital offering for customers at the drive thru can expect an excellent return on investment, with the potential to recoup their initial outlay within 6 – 18 months. Armagard’s ‘entry point’ digital signage packages are the perfect solution for QSRs looking for a low-cost way to upgrade the drive thru lane.

Digital signage systems help to fast track British drive thru queues by reducing average service times. They make ordering easy for patrons, enabling fast food joints to process more orders per hour and reduce average service times. Essentially, they are an extra member of staff.

Digital drive thru menu boards at the drive thru

Say goodbye to time-consuming and costly static menu board changes, and make dayparting and menu upgrades easier than ever. With installations across the UK for some of the world’s biggest QSR chains, Armagard has the experience and the know how to help fast food joints step into the digital signage arena.

To order your digital drive thru menu boards from a renowned UK digital signage manufacturer, call +44 (0)121 608 7226.

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