Major QSR Chain

Drive Thru Digital Signage Thanks to Armagard Enclosure


illuminated drive thru boards

We can sympathise with you if you're a restaurant operator and you're struggling with the switch from static to digital drive thru menu boards. Much like an eatery with a 20-page menu, you're spoilt for choice with the options available, and choosing a solution to fit your needs can seem like a colossal task.

Equally, it's likely you don't even know what you need, which means you don't know what questions to ask and you can quickly find yourself sinking under a sea of screens, media players, and software tools etc...

Backed by Experience - A Mini Case Study featuring a Major QSR Chain

custom made totem for QSR Chain
'Armagard's freestanding, custom-made 'totem' enclosure
for a Major QSR Chain.'

We're Armagard, and we specialise in the design and manufacture of protective enclosures for AV equipment used at the drive thru, plus computers, printers and screens used in industrial settings. We've been doing this for more than 20 years and we're responsible for protecting capital assets worth more than £5 billion worldwide.

Our experience of installing digital drive thru menu networks has been relied upon by quick service restaurant chains, and independent facilities, nationally and internationally. The latest addition to our project portfolio is one of the world's largest QSR chains. Many of the images contained in this eBook show digital menu boards in action across the UK - in a variety of weather conditions.

drive thru digital signage

The project involved many custom elements, including the colour of the enclosures and the retrofit of each unit to achieve alignment with current printed menu designs. This ensured a brand match that blended in with existing site surroundings, helping to define the QSR chains's image.

This particular project demonstrates just how flexible and stylish enclosures can be, while emphasising their practical capabilities, especially the protection they provide in different weather conditions. You can also get a sense of the designs available, you will have noticed that some are freestanding, while others are mounted in a portrait orientation on a frame.

drive thru digital signage at a drive thru
'Armagard's Custom 'totem' enclosure
for a Major QSR Chain.'

Our work with this major QSR brand not only blows any misconceptions about enclosures out of the water, but demonstrates the importance of partnering with a vendor who puts customer requirements at the centre of a project. Partnering with Armagard takes you beyond getting a 'bog-standard' solution that's only fit for the short-term.

You can expect high-quality solutions, designed to last, and gold-standard service that doesn't stop once your systems are installed. We will help you with everything you need to make the switch from static to digital drive thru menu boards, from sourcing screens to getting you up and running, Armagard can support you every step of the way.

Remove the stress, remove the pressure. Choose Armagard, a name you can rely on for your project today, tomorrow, for the long-term.