Are Your Outdoor Menu Boards Boosting Fast Food Sales? No? Try This...

outdoor menu boards

If your outdoor menu boards are not boosting fast food sales or delivering a worthwhile return on investment (ROI), they're not much use to your QSR chain. To get more from your outdoor menu strategy, here's what we propose...

...Go digital. All that matters to your shareholders and QSR owners is increased revenue and return on investment. It's proven that outdoor digital menu boards increase fast food sales, delivering a substantial ROI and securing the long-term exterior menu strategy of your fast food joint.

Vibrant, vivid and versatile, digital outdoor menu boards represent the next level of QSR menu displays, replacing a generation of tired, outdated printed menus. Acting as your 'exterior salesperson', you need a menu that resonates with fast food lovers, but reflects your QSR joint, while positioning your business for the future…

...Only outdoor digital menu boards can meet these objectives.

What Difference Will Digital Outdoor Menu Boards Make to Fast Food Sales?

fast food sales increase with digital outdoor menu boards
'Digital Outdoor Menu Boards Can Boost Fast Food Sales by as much as 8 percent.'

They have the potential to yield a 5 - 8 percent increase in fast food sales and here's how... presentation. How you present your menu is actually really important to QSR patrons.

Existing exterior menu displays are ineffective because 9 times out of 10 they are tired looking printed menus. Customers will often complain that they are too cluttered, difficult to read, outdated and poorly maintained. Today's fast food lover wants a QSR with leading edge technology, including outdoor digital menu boards.

You're at an advantage because fast food lovers are telling you exactly what they expect from your QSR if you want their loyalty. You can capitalise on this feedback to attract new customers too.

The case for outdoor digital menu boards starts with your customers. According to SignStix, 29.5 percent of QSR patrons say that digital menu displays have directly influenced a menu purchase. Meanwhile, a National Restaurant Association survey uncovered that 41 percent of 18 - 34 years olds choose a QSR joint based on the availability of digital tech.

Fast food patrons relish digital menus because they deliver a seamless customer experience, reducing perceived waiting times and speeding up service. The result for your restaurant is more customers, increased revenue and brand loyalty.

Investing in outdoor digital menu boards communicates to existing, and potential patrons, that you recognise the value of customer service and satisfaction. This encourages fast food lovers to flock to your QSR joint, with greater opportunities to pre-sell, cross-sell and up-sell, increasing customer spend and boosting your bottom line.

Where to Position Outdoor Digital Menu Boards

Digital drive thru menu boards at the drive thru
'The Drive Thru Lane is a Hot Prospect for Outdoor Menu Board Installation.'

Your drive thru lane is your ticket to increasing fast food sales by an additional 5 to 8 percent. One of your key audience demographics (18 -24 year olds) don't like dealing with your staff on a face-to-face basis, and will actively seek a fast food joint with a drive thru facility to avoid doing so.

18 - 24 year olds happen to be the age group that spends more on fast food than any other, making your drive thru lane the best place to deploy digital outdoor menu boards. Why? Because you can turn young people's reluctance to talk to your staff into profit at the drive thru lane.

Digital Outdoor Menu Boards Sound Expensive

Digital drive thru menu boards at the drive thru
'Protecting Digital Outdoor Menu Boards Will be Your Biggest Cost, but it's a One Time Expense.'

A common objection to investing in digital menu boards for outdoor use is cost. The hardware needed to go digital outdoors isn't actually that expensive, the bulk of the cost is the equipment needed to protect it.

While, the initial outlay for outdoor screen protection can run into the thousands, it's a one-time cost.

Putting this into perspective… if you were to tally up the amount your QSR spends on print runs for menus across your entire chain over the course of a year, the total would be massive. You don't notice because you're spreading the cost over 12 months.

Ultimately, outdated, poorly maintained printed menu boards are a massive cost drain and do very little to boost fast food sales. Unfortunately, traditional menu boards are the 'dinosaur' of the QSR industry, facing extinction because presentation is power in today's market.

Digital outdoor menu boards are fresher and make menu items much more appetizing to fast food lovers, and static displays simply can't compete.

To upgrade your outdoor menu boards, help yourself to this guide… it has all you need to know to make the switch to digital drive thru menu boards.

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