5 Top Tips for Choosing Illuminated Menu Boards for the Drive Thru

Illuminated menu boards

Illuminated menu boards for the drive thru come in all shapes and sizes, but they each have one purpose… attracting fast food lovers. The more enticing, engaging and easy to read your illuminated menu boards are, the better chance your quick service restaurant has of tempting new customers and retaining the regulars...

...More customers equals more revenue and bigger profit margins, which will please QSR owners, shareholders and potential investors. Transforming your drive thru lane into an effective, consistent money-maker rests on the outdoor menu boards you choose.

After all, having menu displays at the drive thru is like having an extra member of staff. Just like interviewing to get the right person for the job, you want illuminated menu boards for the drive thru that can deliver results, long-term.

Here are 5 top tips to point you in the direction of drive thru menu boards that work:

1. Think 'Outdoor Ready'

Drive thru menu board outdoor ready
'When taking menus outdoors, make sure they are actually outdoor ready.'

You would think this was obvious. However, many drive thru restaurants have found out the hard way that the 'outdoor ready' menu boards sold to them, are far from ideal for use at the drive thru.

Ultimately, this results in additional costs, loss of business and time you can't get back. If a vendor claims that their drive thru menu displays are outdoor ready, ask for proof. It will save you from a whole load of hassle in the future.

2. Think 'Easy to Read'

Digital Menu boards that are a hit with fast food lovers
'Menus That Standout Are a Hit With Fast Food Lovers.'

Nothing frustrates drive thru patrons more than a difficult to read menu. Speaking of which, 74 percent of fast food lovers put an easy to read menu at the top of the priority list when heading for the drive thru lane, according to screen giants Panasonic.

Hard to read menus lead to delays, resulting in unhappy customers. Don't make their first visit to your drive thru lane their last. It's a cliché, but presentation is power at the drive thru.

#3. Think 'Maintenance and Menu Changes'

Poorly Maintained Drive Thru Menu Boards Do Little for Customer Engagement
'Tired Looking, Poorly Maintained Drive Thru Menu Boards Do Little for Customer Engagement.'

If you have multiple menus - for example breakfast, lunch and dinner - you want to be able to switch between them quickly and conveniently. Equally, you want illuminated menu boards that are low maintenance. The last thing you want is for displays to fall into disrepair. Tatty, tired looking menus won't impress patrons.

4. Think 'Upscaling and Futureproofing'

Illuminated Menu Boards
'Digital Opt for Illuminated Menu Boards That Are the Future.'

You might start with a small-scale rollout of illuminated menu boards at the drive thru, but equally, you might want to expand your network across your entire chain. Choosing a solution that gives you the freedom and flexibility to upscale, enables you to think long-term.

5. Think 'Digital'

Illuminated Menu Boards
'Illuminated Menu Boards Don't Get Much Better than Digital Signage.'

50 - 70 percent of your takings occur at the drive thru. Digital drive thru menu boards can generate a further 5 - 8 percent increase in sales. No other type of illuminated menu board can deliver such returns. If that doesn't tickle your taste buds, nothing will.

Not only do digital outdoor menu displays at the drive thru increase sales, they meet all the requirements of an ideal illuminated menu board network. Equally, more and more fast food lovers are basing their QSR choice on the presence of digital signage. With that in mind, you'd be brave to rule it out as a solution…

Questions about digital drive thru menu boards for your QSR? Help yourself to this ultimate, 'what you need to know' guide... now.

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