How To Attract Customers To Your Coffee Shop with Portable Outdoor Digital Signage

Coffee Shop Portable Outdoor Digital Signage

Portable outdoor digital signage is an easy to use, versatile solution you can use to attract more coffee shop customers. You can easily and safely position mobile outdoor digital displays in the direct line of sight of customers for effective, attention-grabbing advertising that will increase footfall. Here’s how...

Outdoor portable digital signage is a customer stopper advertising solution on wheels.

Strategically position mobile digital signage on the street, lock in place and promote your menu, new coffee blends, special offers, live events and loyalty schemes, directly in the eye line of customers.

Why Portable Outdoor Digital Signage Is Effective

Because portable outdoor digital signage can be positioned directly in the line of sight, you can engage customers out on the street as they approach your coffee shop.

A portable digital signage display positioned outdoors enables you to engage customers from a greater distance and from one or two directions.

As a result, portable pavement digital signage gives your coffee shop an effective, outdoor advertising strategy that works:

  • Quickly and directly target customers on the street
  • Capture customer attention before they pass your shop
  • Raise the ratio of people engaging with your advertising
  • Increase your coffee shop’s footfall

The Versatility Of Mobile Outdoor Digital Signage

Versatility Of Mobile Outdoor Digital Signage

Portable outdoor digital signage gives coffee shops a versatile advertising solution.

You can relocate portable digital signage to attract customers at different times of day to further increase your footfall.

For example, if there’s an office within walking distance of your coffee shop, position your portable digital signage on the pavement to attract office workers for a lunch time or after work coffee stop.

The versatility of mobile outdoor digital displays means that your advertising is not limited to any one location, giving you a strategic advertising advantage.

Double-sided outdoor portable signage further increases the impact of your advertising, capturing attention from two directions simultaneously and attracting a greater number of customers.

Comparable Digital Signage Solutions

Mobile outdoor digital signage outside coffee shop

Mobile outdoor digital signage will raise brand awareness of your coffee shop.

Portable digital signage displays used outdoors raise the profile of your coffee shop too, improving brand awareness. Positioning portable outdoor digital signage on the street all day, every day keeps your coffee shop in the public eye.

Mobile digital signage has additional benefits to existing digital signage solutions.

Outdoor battery-powered signage can be seen from any angle before a customer approaches the shop, unlike shop window digital signage, which is permanently outward facing towards the road and only tends to be noticed when a customer passes your shop and may move on by.

An outdoor digital sandwich board is two dimensional and can be placed in any direction, whereas window digital signage is one dimensional, in that it can only face outwards, making it difficult to engage customers unless they are directly facing your coffee shop.

For initial engagement, use battery-powered digital signage to attract customers from all directions and before they pass by.

Shop window or indoor digital signage does have a place at your coffee shop. It’s great for engaging customers as they’re entering your store, but it’s not necessarily the signage that’s going to attract them initially.

The strategic advantage of portable outdoor digital signage is that it grabs customer attention before your coffee shop even comes into view, serving as the first touch point.

You’re not restricted to advertising from a fixed position, which is a limitation of some outdoor digital signage solutions, such as totem displays and wall mounted screens.

Portable outdoor digital signage allows you to promote your coffee shop where footfall is highest at any given time of day.

Practical Benefits Of Portable Outdoor Digital Signage

Portable pavement digital signage makes your advertising more mobile compared to fixed outdoor digital signage solutions, such as floorstanding totem displays and wall-mounted screens.

Battery-powered options enable you to advertise outdoors without the need for mains power, giving you even greater flexibility to position your digital signage anywhere.

A portable external digital display is a ready-made, low maintenance solution that is easy to power up and use, attracting a steady flow of customers on a daily basis.

Portable Outdoor Digital Signage An Advertising Asset For Coffee Shops

Easy to wheel out at opening time and wheel in at closing time, portable outdoor digital signage is a quick, convenient and effective solution for your coffee shop.

There’s nothing more effective than mobile pavement digital signage for attracting customers because it strategically engages customers head on, putting your coffee shop on their radar as they walk down the street.

Take a look at portable outdoor digital signage solutions that will attract more customers to your coffee shop.

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