Choosing Portable Battery Powered Digital Signage For Your Coffee Shop

Battery Powered Digital Signage For Your Coffee Shop

Understand how to choose the best battery powered digital signage for your coffee shop needs. Identify the features and benefits to make battery powered digital displays successful for you.

Portable Battery Powered Digital Signage Checklist

  • Is the solution easily installed?
  • Is the solution protected outdoors and outdoor ready – waterproof and temperature protected?
  • How long will the solution last and does it have a durable battery life?
  • How many directions will it face? Is the solution double sided?
  • Will it display in all lights? Is the solution sunlight readable?
  • Is the solution ready for immediate use and equipped with a media player?
  • Is the solution safe and secure?

Easily Installed Mobile Digital Signage

For user-friendly digital signage for your coffee shop, look for a solution that’s easy to move, can be safely positioned and is delivered fully assembled.

The benefit of a wheeled digital advertising display is the flexibility it offers for engaging customers from different directions. For instance, position the screens directly in the line of sight of passers-by to capture their attention as they approach your business.

Make sure your mobile digital signage has ergonomic handles and look for a unit with anti-vibration mounts for the screens. These features allow you to quickly and safely reposition the unit into the most effective location throughout the day.

Because mobile digital signage is easy to manoeuvre, it adds a different dynamic to outdoor digital advertising compared to fixed totem displays, engaging customers directly as they approach your coffee house. This makes portable digital signage a great option for achieving maximum advertising ROI with minimum hassle.

Finally, make life easy for yourself by choosing a solution that’s delivered fully assembled. One of the advantages of digital signage on castors is that it comes with integrated screens and doesn’t require the installation of VESA mounted displays. Simply charge the battery, connect your media equipment and start attracting customers with your latest promotions.

Outdoor Ready Battery Powered Digital Signage

Outdoor battery powered digital displays should have a minimum IP56 rating. This indicates that the solution protects against weather conditions and dust.

A solution with screens that have automatic brightness controls, ensures that displays emit enough light to remain visible in bright sunlight and in low light, while preserving battery power.

Portable Outdoor Digital Signage Battery Life

Portable outdoor digital signage with a battery life of up to 14 hours will give you a full day’s advertising.

A solution that is easy to connect and charge from a standard UK, 230V mains powered plug socket, ensures that your portable outdoor digital signage charges overnight and is ready to roll out at opening time.

Double Sided Battery Operated Digital Displays

double sided, battery powered digital signage to engage customers from both directions

Choose double sided, battery powered digital signage to engage customers from both directions.

Choosing a double sided, battery operated digital display allows you to engage customers out on the street from both directions, from a greater distance and before they pass your coffee shop.

Double sided portable digital signage gives you twice the advertising exposure, allowing you to display different types of content simultaneously.

This increases the number of people who see your menu, resulting in higher footfall for your coffee shop.

Battery Powered Sunlight Readable Digital Signage

Battery powered sunlight readable digital signage solutions, with screens that have a high brightness level, will ensure that on screen content remains visible in bright conditions.

As a minimum, you should opt for a solution with a brightness level of 700 NITS, which will keep the display visible in mildly bright conditions.

In extremely bright locations, a solution with a brightness level anywhere between 1,000 and 2,500 NITS will maintain screen visibility.

For increased screen clarity in bright conditions, a battery powered digital signage display with an anti-glare or anti-reflective coating will ensure that on screen content remains visible from all angles.

Additionally, it’s worth choosing a solution with automatic brightness controls to ensure that screens are not too bright at times of low light, or too dim when it’s a bright day.

Media Player Choices

Opting for portable, battery powered digital signage that comes complete with a media player gives you a ready-made solution that you can use almost immediately.

You don’t have to source a separate media player, enabling you to deal directly with a single manufacturer. Plus, if you have any technical questions, you can direct them to a single point of contact.

If you’d prefer to source your own, or use an existing media player (or that of an existing customer or prospect), choose a portable, battery powered digital signage solution that supports, and makes it easy to connect, your hardware.

When choosing a media player, opt for a Windows or Android operated solution.

Mobile Battery Powered Digital Signage Security

For secure, battery powered digital signage, choose a solution that’s robust and offers a defence against vandalism and theft.

A solution that’s manufactured using powder coated mild steel and equipped with laminated glass – a type of glass that holds together if shattered - will ensure that your outdoor battery powered digital signs are protected.

battery powered digital signage with security features

Choose portable, battery powered digital signage with security features.

Because portable digital signage is moveable, identify a solution that has braked wheels so it can be locked in place.

To prevent easy access to screens, consider a key operated enclosure solution for extra security.

How to Make The Right Battery Powered Portable Digital Signage Choice

Installation – Choose a solution that requires no fixed point installation.

Outdoor ready – Identify a solution with a minimum IP56 rating, which will give your mobile digital signage display complete weather and dustproof protection.

Maneuverability – Select a solution with wheels. Digital signs on castors allow you to strategically position your advertising to engage customers quickly and directly.

Seen from multiple angles – Opt for a double sided digital A-frame and engage customers in their line of sight, from two directions, as they approach your coffee shop.

Battery life – A battery-operated digital signage solution with a battery life up to 14 hours will give you a full day’s advertising. Choose a solution that you can charge overnight using a standard UK, 230V mains powered plug.

Easy to read – Sunlight readable portable digital signage ensures that your on screen content remains visible in bright or low light conditions. Solutions with screen brightness levels anywhere between 700 NITS and 2,500 NITS, will ensure that your advertising is easy to read in any light.

Safe and secure – Mobile digital signage solutions manufactured using powder coated mild steel, equipped with laminated glass and braked wheels will protect your advertising display from vandalism and theft, while key operated solutions will prevent easy access.

Ready to go – Identify a solution that gives you the option to include screens and media players. This reduces lead times and gives you a portable digital signage display that’s ready to use. If you want to use your own media players, pick a battery operated digital signage solution that makes it easy to connect your hardware.

See a choice of IP56 rated, portable battery powered digital signage solutions with all the features you need to make it a success outside your coffee shop.

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