Introducing - The 'Classic' Industrial Computer Cabinet

Why buy an Industrial Computer Cabinet? 3 key incentives for your business...

  • SAVE MONEY — Eliminate repair/replacement costs for damaged PC, printer & screen equipment.
  • 'ALL IN ONE' SOLUTION — Combined protection for PC, printer & screen equipment.
  • CREATE YOUR OWN — Multiple combinations available, all completely customisable.

Design Strengths

Everything you need for all-in-one PC, printer & screen protection is achieved by this 'Classic' unit. Adaptable design is what makes this premium Industrial Computer Cabinet unique among similar units on sale. Highly customisable, various options exist to suit your business rather than restricting you to one design. This unit offers a safe, yet simple solution for PC, printer & screen protection.


Product Specifications:

Size (HxWxD)mm:
1570 x 600 x 600
Powder Coated Mild Steel
IP Rating:
Product Code:
PENC-800 - PPRI-700

What Can You Create?

Create your own exclusive Industrial Computer Cabinet specific to your needs using a combination of Armagard enclosures. You can choose to combine various units for PC, screen & printer protection. Save your company money, year-after-year, and unlock the full potential of your equipment by increasing the lifespan of your PCs, printers and screens. Create a proven, quality product that delivers long-term results.

You can combine the following units:

How Much Does It Cost?

Your working environment is unique and your enclosure will require certain features to suit that environment. Therefore, to give you the best, most accurate price, we encourage you to contact us using the Quick Enquiry service or call us direct on - +44 (0)121 608 7226. Call for a cost to get the best deal...Buying in bulk? You may be entitled to a discount (please note: minimum order applies).

What Does It Do?

Your Industrial Computer Cabinet provides triple protection for PC, printer & screen equipment as an 'all-in-one' solution. Essential equipment is safeguarded against water damage, dust, dirt & forceful impact. Manufactured using powder coated mild steel, the unit is low maintenance & easy to clean. Every compartment of the enclosure can also be equipped with internal temperature regulating systems.

Will It Work In Your Environment?

Use the 'Quick Enquiry' Service for a FREE enclosure suitability assessment for your environment.

How Long Does It Take To Build & Deliver?

Lead times depend on the features that need to be fitted to your unit, for example, does it need an air-conditioning or heating system? Such factors affect build time. Working to a deadline? Contact us direct on - +44 (0)121 608 7226 - for build & delivery time estimates.

Industrial Computer Cabinet - Benefits Checklist

Money Saving Benefits:

  • Protects most standard equipment. No need to buy new, expensive apparatus.
  • Save money on costly repairs/replacement of equipment damaged when left exposed.
  • Prevent 'out-of-action' equipment, which can cost your company revenue.
  • Increases longevity of PC, printer & screen equipment, cutting recurring costs for replacing hardware.
  • One unit solution. No need to buy individual enclosures.

Practical Benefits:

  • IP54 rated protection against dust, dirt, liquid ingress & forceful impacts.
  • Low maintenance. No need for lengthy cleaning processes.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Complete system protection. Rely on one PC, printer & screen for your total business output? Protection of that system safeguards your entire business operation & maintains business efficiency.

Bonus Benefit:

  • Custom-build service available.

After Sales Benefits:

  • Delivered fully assembled, ready for installation.
  • 5 year warranty covering all mechanical parts.
  • 1 year warranty covering all electrical components.
  • Product support forum available.

To order your Industrial Computer Cabinet call +44 (0)121 608 7226 or, Use the Quick Enquiry Service and we'll contact you...