Boost Sales Post-Lockdown With The Hand Sanitiser Advertising Kiosk

A person using a motion-activated hand sanitiser kiosk.

COVID-19 has hit the high street hard, and this, combined with the dominance of online shopping, means that boosting in-store sales is more important than ever.

One great way of driving sales is by advertising products and promotions in-store. This can be made more effective by using digital signage, which can receive 400% more views than static signage.1 However, businesses also face the challenge of reassuring customers that stores are hygienic and safe in a COVID-19 world.

The hand sanitiser advertising kiosk is the perfect solution. Its 21.5", HD screen attracts attention, and the contactless hand sanitiser dispenser kills germs and reduces viral transmission through contact with surfaces in your store, restoring confidence in your customers.

Here are three ways the hand sanitiser advertising kiosk can help you boost sales after lockdown.

1. Digital Signage Can Increase Customer Engagement

Armagard’s hand sanitiser advertising kiosk with 21.5” LCD screen.

Hand sanitiser advertising kiosks allow people to clean their hands as they enter your business.

Digital signage, like the hand sanitiser digital display, is proven to get higher levels of engagement from customers than paper adverts:

  • 70% of 18 to 24-year-olds say that they are aware of the digital signage they have seen in the last 12 months.2
  • Digital displays encourage customers to spend 30% longer in store.3
  • Digital signage leads to a reported 31.8% increase in the volume of sales.4

After the disastrous effect lockdown has had on the high street, and the economy as a whole, digital signage could make all the difference to your business.

2. The Sanitiser Kiosk Can Make People Feel Confident When They Shop

Just because we are out of lockdown, that doesn’t mean the virus has gone away. People are aware of this and are cautious about going out to shop. To get people back into your premises, you need them to see that you are doing everything possible to keep the environment clean.

This is where the hand sanitiser kiosk comes in. Its contactless dispenser allows customers to kill germs on their hands so they don’t transmit disease through contact with surfaces.

The hand sanitiser advertising kiosk shows customers that you’re taking your duty of care towards them seriously. By installing it in your premises, you encourage them to shop with pre-COVID confidence, which helps you boost sales.

3. The Kiosk Is A Cost-Effective And Time-Saving Upgrade From Static Signage

The hand sanitiser advertising kiosk on a stand.

Use the 21.5" display to get your message across clearly and easily.

The hand sanitiser advertising display is a cost-effective alternative to printed signage. By allowing you to show your promotions digitally, the kiosk eliminates the printing and disposal costs of paper posters, which saves you money in the long run.

The hand sanitiser kiosk can also save you time. Instead of having to change individual paper posters, you simply connect the kiosk to a WiFi/3G connection or use an SD card/USB stick to update your promotions whenever you want.

The reduction in printing costs, combined with the time-saving benefits of the hand sanitiser display, make it the perfect way to boost sales and save money at a time when it’s needed more than ever.

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2 Bunn, Lyle, “Digital Signage in Retail Banking.”

This post was written by Lewis Trahearn

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