Covid-19 Temperature Screening Equipment

Body Temperature Scanner

Body Temperature Scanner | product range

Fulfil your duty of care to staff and customers by installing the body temperature scanner at the entrance to your premises. Infrared scanning identifies individuals with a high temperature, giving people confidence that your workplace is a safe space to enter.

Body Temperature Kiosk With Facial Recognition

Body Temperature Kiosk With Facial Recognition | product range

Reduce the spread of viruses in your workplace with the body temperature kiosk with facial recognition. Register up to 24,000 people on the device and configure it with automatic doors to only allow access to employees who are symptom free.

Thermal Imaging Fever Screening System

Thermal Imaging Fever Screening System | product range

Protect the health of your staff and visitors with the thermal imaging fever screening system. The device takes a rapid measurement of body temperature to identify sick individuals before they have contact with the rest of your workforce.

Hand Sanitiser Digital Display

Hand Sanitiser Digital Display | product range

Reduce the spread of viruses among staff and customers with the hand sanitiser digital display. The motion-activated unit dispenses sanitiser without buttons or pumps. The 21.5” screen is ideal for hygiene advice or your latest promotions.

Fever Detection Kiosks

Fever Detection Kiosks range from Armagard

Fever detection kiosks to reduce viral transmission in businesses, care homes, schools, colleges, dental surgeries and more. Rapid, high-accuracy temperature measurement and optional facial recognition access control. See the range here.

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Easy COVID-19 Safety Measures To Reassure Staff and Customers

COVID-19 Safety Measures from Armagard

65% of British workers are anxious about returning to work after lockdown. Customers are also looking for reassurances. This article presents two COVID-19 safety measures that can protect staff, reassure customers and safeguard the future of your company in times of high viral transmission.

Boost Sales Post-Lockdown With The Hand Sanitiser Advertising Kiosk

A motion-activated hand sanitiser dispenser in use.

As a business owner in a COVID-19 world, you need to boost sales now more than ever. Lockdown will have affected your revenue, and post-lockdown anxiety can make people reluctant to enter stores. In this article, we show you the two-in-one solution to both problems.

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